• Supernova Control Systems

Supernova is one of the renowned Control Panel manufacturers and suppliers of the Genset applications. Control panel plays a vital role in achieving the end results while using the generator sets, as it synchronizes and controls the overall power flow and its routing to the right suggested power points.


  • D Gset synchronizing and AMF Panel
  • Synchronizing and suitable for multiple grid and GDsets
  • H.T Relay & Control Panel
  • Main LT PCC Panel
  • Motor Control Centre
  • Automatic Power Factor Panel (APFC Panel)
  • PLC and SCADA based synchronizing system
  • LT Bus Ducts

Supernova also designs complex synchronizing Control Panel Systems which are suitable for Multiple Incoming and Outgoing Transformer Feeders.

Run-Up Synchronizing Control Panel System is one of our USP products which is used where power supply is critical and every second counts. Contact us to know more about our Control Panels for DG set applications.

Control Systems