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‚ÄčA Comprehensive Overview: Exploring Supernova's DG Sets

We offer a diverse array of top-notch generators to meet various needs at Supernova Engineers Ltd. As diesel genset manufacturers, our lineup comprises four distinct types of gensets, each meticulously designed and manufactured to deliver unparalleled performance and reliability.

1. Gensets Domestics:

Our domestic range of generators is tailored to cater to the needs of residential settings, providing homeowners with the best diesel genset for home use. With advanced features and superior engineering, these gensets ensure seamless power supply during outages, offering peace of mind to families across the nation.

2. Gensets Exports:

For international markets, we present our export-oriented generators, built to meet global standards of quality and performance. As trusted industrial generator manufacturers, we deliver solutions that power critical infrastructure worldwide, from remote villages to bustling metropolises.

3. Control System:

Beyond mere power generation, our control systems enhance efficiency and manageability, allowing users to monitor and regulate their power supply with precision. Whether for industrial complexes or commercial facilities, our control systems optimize performance and minimize downtime.

4. Customized Gensets:

Recognizing that every application is unique, we offer customized gensets tailored to specific requirements. From sizing and configuration to specialized features, our bespoke solutions empower clients to address their distinct power needs effectively.


In essence, Supernova goes beyond merely providing generators; we deliver comprehensive power solutions that empower businesses and communities alike. We manufacture the best silent diesel genset for home use and industrial-grade power solutions. Supernova stands ready to meet your needs with cutting-edge technology and unwavering commitment to excellence.